Cold Calling Campaigning

How it works?

One of the traditional styles to get leads, still it is more cost-effective than any other. To get resale leads in Real-Estate industry one will investigate this. One thing we understand very clearly is Real Estate is not about selling any pen over the call or any marketable thing to place in front of clients to either buy or sell. We serve you with various cold calling campaigns for example; Opting Survey Program, JustListed &Just Sold Campaigns etc.,

These are the below things that we make sure our tele-marketing representative has:

• First is Patience,

• Second is Patience,

• Third is Patience.

• Fourth is Accent.

• Fifth is Professional and at the same time Pleasing attitude.

• Sixth is Knowledge about the surrounding area like average prices and our offers.

How it helps?

One cannot underestimate cold calling campaigns, because this is the only effective way to get maximum number of leads with minimal budget. Because we have patience, all we need to do is wait till client to express their opinion on real-estate investment in this coming for-seeable near future. That’s where our expertise helps to get you more leads.

What is the outcome you can anticipate post tying up with us?

Lead Engineers definition for a Real Estate lead: A Lead is a person who is looking to buy/sell/invest in real estate in the coming six to eight months’ time.

Mandatory things to Qualify a lead:




Three W’s is what you can expect in any one of our leads, if you have the notes of these you have a complete understanding about the lead, you can take it from there.

Average number of Leads in a Month:

For each campaign we dedicate about 75-100$ to generate about 25-30 leads, that will be in your designated area which you appoint us upfront. It can be sellers, buyers or a mixture of both.

Closing Ration on the leads:

2 : 100